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Over 90% of Internet users have gone online to research a product or service — and then gone in person to a nearby business to make a purchase. But how do you make sure they find you? Local Search! Local Search happens when someone types a geographic keyword in a search engine (like Google, Bing or Yahoo!) to find a nearby business. A search for “collision repair Kalamazoo Michigan” for example, will not only deliver websites of individual businesses, but also directory listings for nearby body shops on sites such as, and Unfortunately, Google says only 20% of small businesses have claimed their local listings on one of the leading local sites, Google+ Local. If you’re one of the 80% who have not yet started to benefit from Local Search marketing tools, call Creative Group today at 269.342.4290.

Google Says Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) Information Must be Consistent Across the Web

Google has stated that consistent NAP information is a very important factor in achieving good rankings. You’d spend countless hours trying to manually create, submit, edit and verify your business listings across 72+ local search sites. We know, because we’ve done it for several businesses, and it’s tedious. Really, really tedious.

Smart marketers know Local Search works to:

  • Increase business. Prospects have searched for what you’re offering, so they’re ready to buy.
  • Connect with a growing mobile audience. GPS-enabled smartphones allow people on the move to seek out a nearby business (like yours), then drop in or call to make a purchase.
  • Boost search engine rankings. Your company website can move up the page in search results* when you’re listed correctly and consistently on multiple online sites.

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Local Search Estimate
With the automated ClaimLOCAL™ service you’ll get:
  • A full update of your online presence on 72 local search databases, plus social media sites (100+ overall)• A full update of your online presence on 72 local search databases, plus social media sites (100+ overall)
  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone) info consistency across the web
  • The ability to bypass all of the tiresome listing verifications
  • Locked-down, corrected listings on search databases and directories

Do your online business listings look like this? We can help! We recommend implementing ClaimLOCAL now and keep it running on an ongoing basis to be sure your listings remain correct and up-to-date.

ClaimLOCAL is a low-cost program that will improve your online presence, so why wait?

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*Search engine rankings improvement is likely but not guaranteed. ClaimLOCAL is a trademark of Allegra-Marketing-Print-Mail.