After a 16-year career working in engineering, purchasing, marketing and graphic design with a Kalamazoo manufacturer, Jeff Matson opened Laser Graphics (which later became Creative Group) in 1988. The first design projects were direct mail pieces, personalized employee newsletters, catalogs, postcards, logos and more. (We still provide those services today, although most of our work now is website development and search engine optimization.)

Business was growing, and by 1990 it was time to take the leap and hire our first employee, Laurie Hewitt (now McDonald). She stood out from the other applicants due to her personality and eagerness to learn. Amazingly, she is still here today as our Senior Web Designer and a huge reason for Creative Group’s longevity.

And longevity is one of the traits we’re most proud of. We’ve seen countless design firms go in and out of business in our 29 years, including some very talented people, many due to faulty business practices.

Creative Group has gone from one person to two to five and back to two again as business conditions cycled up and down. We think two is just right, and are lucky to have a talented group of business associates with complementary skills to call on if needed.

Meet the Creative Group team.

Generally, we find we “fit” best with:

  • Small- and mid-sized companies and professional firms based here in Southwest Michigan* (see our Client List)
  • Nonprofits and governmental units
  • Startups (we love working with entrepreneurs)

*although we also have valued clients in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York City

We’ve survived and thrived for several reasons:

  1. We’ve never forgotten that our main goal is making your life easier. After all, if you’re our client, you’re paying our wages.
  2. Our fees are very reasonable but slightly above average in this area for firms with our experience, which is intentional in order to attract the best work and the best clients. Frankly, we think we’re worth it. After all, there is always someone who will work too cheaply (see the third paragraph above to see what happens to them).
  3. Our goal is to always provide the very best value for our clients’ investment.
  4. We always try to exceed your expectations, by thinking broadly and thinking ahead. And anticipating what your customers will want.
  5. We try to do even the simple things better than our competitors. Return phone calls and e-mails faster. Complete projects earlier than promised. Keep in touch better. Think outside the proverbial box.
  6. Be professional. Honest. Dependable. Attentive.

We’d really like the opportunity to meet with you for a few minutes to see if we can make your life easier. Please feel free to contact either of us at 269.342.4290 or via e-mail to get the ball rolling.

Jeff Matson

Laurie McDonald